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Destination: Niagara Falls

Welcome to Niagara Falls, where even jaded eyes don't grow tired.

While the Falls themselves are the principal attraction on the Niagara Peninsula, the entire area has just about everything you need for a good tourist destination.

First, there are the Falls -- the perfect day trip for both overseas and domestic tourists. The attractions around them run the gamut with Clifton Hill being the center of the Fallsview Tourist Area.

A little farther away are various wineries, which have been a staple of this area for decades. Canadian wine may not have quite the international appeal of Australian, French or Californian, but local wineries punch well above their weight.

Most of the wineries are located near the picture-perfect village of Niagara-on-the-Lake, a place that is so pleasing to the eye it's as if it could have been taken right from a Norman Rockwell painting.

Niagara was a hotspot two centuries earlier -- the main flashpoint on the Canadian side of the border during the War of 1812. American and Canadians only fight over preferred hotel rooms, bed-and-breakfast spots and bar stools nowadays, but Niagara-on-the-Lake is a village borne out of conflict. A visit here is considered just as essential as a trip to the Falls -- especially if you can do it in concert with one of the many festivals in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

What about the golf? Well, it's among the best of any similar region in this part of North America.

If you're a fan of classic country clubs, Whirlpool Golf Course is probably the best option. The late Stanley Thompson, the country's greatest golf course architect, designed it.

More contemporary options include the 36-hole Legends on the Niagara and John Daly's Thundering Waters Golf Club, a fun and entertaining layout not far from the Marineland amusement park. Grand Niagara Resort and the 27-hole Peninsula Lakes Golf Club facility are also worth a look.

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Course City Rates from
Course City Rates from
Beechwood Golf & Social House
Tee Times
Niagara Falls $20
Legends on the Niagara - Chippawa Course
Tee Times
Niagara Falls $7.99
Legends on the Niagara - Battlefield Course
Tee Times
Niagara Falls $45
Whirlpool Golf Course
Tee Times
Niagara Falls $30
Thundering Waters Golf Club
Tee Times
Niagara Falls $47
Legends on the Niagara - Ussher's Creek Course
Tee Times
Niagara Falls $50
Pelham Hills Golf & Country Club
Tee Times
Pelham $13.99
Peninsula Lakes Golf Club - Orchard Nine
Tee Times
Fenwick $50
Water Park Golf & Country Club
Tee Times
Welland $9.99
Bridgewater Country Club
Tee Times
Fort Erie $34
Niagara National Golf & Country Club
Tee Times
Stevensville $20
Willodell Golf Club of Niagara
Tee Times
Niagara Falls $29.99
Peninsula Lakes Golf Club - Hillside Nine
Tee Times
Fenwick $50
Twenty Valley Golf & Country Club
Tee Times
Vineland $26.55
Port Colborne Golf & Country Club
Tee Times
Port Colborne $14.99
Sparrow Course at Cardinal Lakes Golf Club
Tee Times
Welland $11.99
Rockway Vineyards Golf Course
Tee Times
St. Catharines $25
Grand Niagara Resort - The Rees Jones Course
Tee Times
Niagara Falls $65
Riverview Golf & Country Club
Tee Times
Fenwick $24.99
Peninsula Lakes Golf Club - Quarry Nine
Tee Times
Fenwick $50
Heron Course at Cardinal Lakes Golf Club
Tee Times
Welland $17
Garden City Golf Course
Tee Times
St Catharines $10
Oak Hall Par-3
Tee Times
Niagara Falls $5
Grassy Brook Golf Course Welland $15 - $18
Royal Niagara Golf Club - Old Canal
Tee Times
Niagara-on-the-Lake $12.5
Royal Niagara Golf Club - Iron Bridge
Tee Times
Niagara-on-the-Lake $12.5
Cherry Hill Club Ridgeway N/A
Freedom Oaks Golf Club Dunnville $22 - $24
Serpent at Whisky Run Golf Club Port Colborne $18 - $33
Queenston Golf Club Queenston $20
Brock Golf Course St. Catharines $9.99 - $19.99
Lookout Point Country Club Pelham N/A
Rio Vista Golf Course
Tee Times
Fort Erie $19
Fairview Golf Course St Catharines $9 - $10
Fox Run Golf Course Fonthill $19
Ridgeway Shores Golf Club Ridgeway $12.50 - $20.00
Fox at Whisky Run Golf Club Port Colborne $18 - $33
Heritage Woods Golf Course Niagara-on-the-Lake $16
Long Beach Country Club Wainfleet $16 - $24
Owl at Whisky Run Golf Club Port Colborne $18 - $33
Rolling Meadows Golf & Country Club
Tee Times
Niagara Falls $36
Sawmill Golf Course
Tee Times
Fenwick $23
Fort Erie Golf Club Fort Erie $22.60
St. Catharines Golf & Country Club St Catharines N/A
Eagle Valley Golf Club Niagara Falls $26
Niagara Falls Golf Club
Tee Times
Niagara Falls $19
Royal Niagara Golf Club - Escarpment
Tee Times
Niagara-on-the-Lake $12.5
St. Davids Golf Club St Davids $20
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