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Destination: Peterborough

Generally regarded as the entrance to the Kawartha region of Ontario and a key stop along the Trent-Severn Waterway, Peterborough remains a notable, albeit quite small Canadian city.

Many Canadians also regard Peterborough as one of the primary cradles of junior hockey as its team, the Petes, has a glorious history. The Petes are generally are in action for a few weeks at the start of the golf season and at the end as winter approaches, and attending a game should be mandatory for a visiting golfer. If it is the dead of summer, a Lakers lacrosse game is not a bad idea -- Peterborough is also a hotbed for the box version of the sport.
Major junior hockey in Canada is roughly comparable to NCAA football in the U.S. and to that end, Peterborough was where many future Hall of Famers players played as teenagers, including Bob Gainey and Steve Yzerman, and more recently, Eric Staal. Though he didn't play for the Petes, Anaheim Ducks star Corey Perry is a local product, as is the Nashville Predators' Mike Fisher, who many non-Canadians know as the husband of country music star Carrie Underwood.

The "Underwoods" often spend time in Peterborough to soak of the serene and understated summer atmosphere that the area's lakes and rivers provide in making it one of the prime areas for summer homes.

Another cool feature of Peterborough is local arts scene. The city has done a better job than most small centers in preserving and encouraging the local arts community dating back to the days of its founding by Irish immigrants and it's no small coincidence that fabled musician Neil Young grew up in the area. More recently the local liberal arts college, Trent University, adds an element of local artistic flair highlighted by the chock-full late-summer schedule of events and festivals.

Peterborough is twinned with Ann Arbour, Mich. but many visitors have remarked that it reminds them more of a northern version of Athens, Ga. because both university towns are equally supportive of local sports and the arts scene.

As for the golf, well, with plenty of water and trees and many affluent locals and tourists passing through, it didn't take long for developers to realize that the game could thrive here. And it has. Kawartha Golf and Country Club is where the Boston Bruins' Marc Savard has fine-tuned his game to make him the best hockey-playing golfer among active or recently retired NHLers (or is that golfing hockey player?). A little further away outside of town, Black Bear Ridge near Belleville, Timber Ridge in Brighton and Smuggler's Glen in Gananoque, are three outstanding golf courses.

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Course City Rates from
Course City Rates from
Black Diamond Golf Club
Tee Times
Pontypool $26.55
Deer Run Golf Course
Tee Times
Little Britain $11.99
Cardinal 18 Golf Club
Tee Times
Little Britain $10
Lombard Glen Golf Club Lombardy $25 - $52
Keystone Links Golf & Country Club
Tee Times
Peterborough $18
Landings Golf Course & Teaching Centre
Tee Times
Kingston $14.99
Frankford Golf Course
Tee Times
Frankford $12.17
Blue Heron Golf Club Lanark $16 - $21
Oakland Greens Golf & Country Club
Tee Times
Norwood $23
Trillium Wood Golf Club
Tee Times
Corbyville $25
Bellmere Winds Golf Club
Tee Times
Keene $20.95
NINE Golf Belleville $16 - $33
Ash Brook Golf Club
Tee Times
Port Hope $14.99
Perth Golf Course
Tee Times
Perth $15
Timber Ridge Golf Course Brighton $20 - $55
Roundel Glen Golf Course
Tee Times
Astra $17
Championship Eighteen at Black Bear Ridge Golf Course Belleville $50 - $70
Bay of Quinte Golf & Country Club
Tee Times
Belleville $26.54 - $60.00
Championship Course at The Liftlock Golf Club
Tee Times
Peterborough $15
Byrnell Golf Club
Tee Times
Fenelon Falls $6
Bancroft Ridge Golf Club Bancroft $21 - $36
Haliburton Highlands Golf Course
Tee Times
Haliburton $22
Shelter Valley Pines Golf Club Grafton $30 - $37
Loyalist Country Club
Tee Times
Bath $25
Lindsay Golf & Country Club Lindsay $24.99 - $44.99
Larchmere Golf Club Cobourg $20 - $29
Short Course at The Liftlock Golf Club Peterborough $10
Inverary Golf Course
Tee Times
Inverary $20 - $29
Blairhampton Golf Club Minden Hills $40 - $70
Barcovan Golf Club Carrying Place $32.75 - $58.40
Glen Course at Oak Hills Golf Club Stirling $30 - $34
Rideau Lakes Golf & Country Club Westport $21.00 - $31.00
Beckwith Golf Club Smiths Falls $10 - $20
Mapleview Golf & Country Club
Tee Times
Perth $20
Picton Golf & Country Club Picton $39.00 - $49.00
Highland Course at Oak Hills Golf Club Stirling $30 - $34
Wildfire Golf Club Lakefield N/A
Peterborough Golf & Country Club Peterborough N/A
Poplars Golf Club
Tee Times
Tweed $29.49
Kingston Fairways Kingston N/A
Alston Moor Golf Links Wolfe Island $10 - $15
Briar Fox Golf & Country Club Marysville $48
Six Foot Bay Resort & Golf Club
Tee Times
Lakefield $19
West Highland Golf Course Madoc $18.50 - $35.00
Colonnade Golf & Country Club Joyceville $18.50 - $68.00
Wolf Run Golf Club
Tee Times
Janetville $24
Rivendell Golf Club Verona $35 - $40
Lyndway Hills Golf Course Lyndhurst $12 - $15
Napanee Golf & Country Club Napanee $20 - $25
Pinestone Resort & Conference Centre Haliburton $35 - $55
Beaverbrook Golf Course Minden $25 - $45
Kawartha Golf & Country Club Peterborough $50 - $90
Short Nine at Black Bear Ridge Golf Course Belleville $15
Dunsford Golf & Country Club Dunsford N/A
Hunter's Creek Golf Course Cloyne $16 - $39
Smuggler's Glen Golf Course
Tee Times
Gananoque $20
The Links at Monck's Landing Golf Club Norland $15 - $18
Eganridge Inn & Spa
Tee Times
Fenelon Falls $15.93
Quinte Hills Golf Course
Tee Times
Frankford $9.99
Dalewood Golf Club Cobourg $35 - $69
Tamarac Golf & Country Club Ennismore $36
Hamilton Bay Golf Course Lakefield $20
Marvel Rapids Golf Course Apsley $18 - $39
Trenton Golf Club Trenton $12 - $30
Garrison Golf & Curling Club Kingston $25 - $45
Maple Estate Golf & Country Club Cloyne $15 - $19
GreeneAcre Golf Club Gananoque $20 - $25
Baxter Creek Golf Club Fraserville $35 - $60
Wolfe Island Riverfront Golf Course Wolfe Island $18 - $36
Pine Crest Golf & Country Club Peterborough $40
Sheffield Greens Golf Club Bobcaygeon $18 - $34
Timber Run Golf & Country Club Lanark Highlands $20 - $30
Evergreen Golf Course Westport $20.00 - $28.50
Woodview Golf Woodview $24
Oliver's Nest Golf & Country Club
Tee Times
Oakwood $26
Heron Landing Golf Club Peterborough $31 - $63
Owenbrook Golf Course Apsley $17.70
Cataraqui Golf & Country Club Kingston N/A
Quarry Golf Club
Tee Times
Ennismore $28
Sturgeon Point Golf Club Fenelon Falls $22
Gananoque Golf & Country Club Gananoque $15
Amherstview Golf Club Amherstview $25 - $30
Warkworth Golf Club Warkworth $38
Katchiwano Golf & Country Club Lakefield $35
Salt Creek Golf Links
Tee Times
Warkworth $14.35
Pine Ridge Golf & Country Club Warkworth $22.00 - $49.50
Belle Park Golf Course Kingston $12.95 - $27.98
Camden Braes Golf & Country Club Odessa $23 - $68
Murray Hills Golf Course Wooler $26 - $51
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